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on March 2012
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ASSIST button not working properly

Hi Guys,

I am trying to rebuild my Vaio VPCEE2E1E laptop. So while it is switched off I press the Assist button, the computer starts up and you see the Vaio screen then it goes black, you then see a flicker and it goes black again and just sits there with the power on.

How do I get it to work?

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ASSIST button not working properly

Hi jbrines and welcome.

When you say that you are trying to rebuild your Vaio, what do you mean exactly?  If you give a bit of background it may make it easier for someone to help.

It sounds like Vaio Care is not working or not installed.  Can you still open Windows normally?  If yes, try opening Vaio Care manually.

If you are trying to Recover the Vaio back to factory settings, try the following: -

1. Turn on your computer and press the F10 key several times before the VAIO logo disappears.
If the Edit Boot Options window is displayed, press the Enter key.
2. Select Start recovery wizard.
To perform the custom recovery, select Tools instead of Start recovery wizard
and click Start advanced recovery wizard.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

You can download the Troubleshooting and Recovery Guide for your model from here: -


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Re: ASSIST button not working properly


I have the same problem , today for no reason the vaio doesn't function . Even safe mode is not available , If I click assist it f10 a lot it says loading files then nothing.

Please help as all my data is on the pc , my back up is a few months old :smileysad:

My vaio is vpcs13c5e

ThAnks loads
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