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on November 2008
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mismatch between disc and player region codes

my Vaio (vgn-ar71m) (bought in UK) is having problems playing a UK blu ray disc, it says "mismatch between disc and player region codes, see disc packaging for details" on WinDVD (software included in the bundle)

although seems to play another blu ray (i'm pretty sure it's a US version) so i'm not sure why it's having problems with a genuine UK version :smileyangry:

any ideas?

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Re: mismatch between disc and player region codes

Have you checked the device properties under Device Manager as the region of the BD drive can be set there as well as within WinDVD? They should match up. Another check could be within BIOS but this is highly unlikely.

I cannot seem to get my VAIO to play any blu-ray movies or even burn any blu-ray disks. The system just doesn't recognise the disks when I load them. Playing/burning DVDs or CDs is not a prolem.

Any thoughts?



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