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on August 2011
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Vaio laptop green power button stays on after shutdown and unplugged

Hi everyone, a couple of days ago I done the usual things that I do on my laptop and when I decided to shut it down I noticed that the power button (LED) was still on even tough the laptop itself was unplugged. Now I know it's not on hibernation mode cause if it was the light would have been orange (which dims on and off slowly) but the light is green as if it's on. As a precaution I decided to move all my data onto my external hard drives just in case something goes wrong cause I am starting to get concerned that what ever is happening to the laptop it may damage it. I did look it up online but couldn't find anything useful, personally I think an update from Microsoft done it cause we all know that sometimes updates can do funny things to desktops, laptops etc. I've been thinking about rebuilding the system (using the system recovery discs) but I'm worried it could be a waste of time if the problem could be the hardware not the software. I hate to think there is something wrong with the hardware cause I only had this laptop since the beginning of the year and since I'm unemployed it will take me ages to save up for a new one. Does anyone have any ideas?

Here is what the laptop is if it helps.

Model Name :VPCEE3E0E

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium

CPU: AMD Athlon II P340 Dual-Core Processor

Any suggestions will be appreciated thank you.

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Vaio laptop green power button stays on after shutdown and unplugged

You could try a Full System Recovery but I rather think it is most likely a hardware issue.

This should be covered by your warranty, so I would contact Vaio Support to see if they know a fix or if a repair will be needed.

Go Here: -

and Login with your Vaio's Serial Number.  You can either email or telephone Vaio Support and you will find contact details under 'Get in Touch'.


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