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Content Transfer software for A845 Walkman won't install.

It seems the software requires Windows C++ 2005 and 2008.  These are on my Windows 7 computer but the software doesn't recognise this.  I've removed them via Control Panel and let the Sony software try.  Again no result.  There's a message about not being able to find the installation requirement and possible failed download.  There's no known problem with my computer and Windows is kept fully updated.  I have transferred media files by right clicking them and sending them to the Walkman.  It worked out which to send to Music and which to send to Video.  It even converted the video to a playable format for the Walkman.  I tried downloading the Content Transfer installation file from the Sony website and the result is the same.  I can install the User Guide but not the Content Transfer program.  I am baffled and have spent rather a lot of time on this without result.  Am I the only one having trouble with Content Transfer installation?

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Content Transfer software for A845 Walkman won't install.

Hi Bazz2011,

Have you updated the firmware as per the instructions below..:smileyconfused:

Target products

  • NWZ-A series
  • NWZ-S series
  • NWZ-E series
  • NWZ-W series
  • NWZ-X series

Note: For the owners of the following WALKMAN, we provide the Firmware Upgrade programs. Please upgrade the firmware of your WALKMAN device before downloading this application program.
NWZ-A726 / A728 / A729 Firmware Upgrade program.

Have you followed the instalation instructions below..:smileyconfused:

To install this software, log on to your computer as an  administrator. You must also log on with the user name "Administrators"  or "Power Users" to use the Content Transfer Version 1.3 software.


Please follow the steps below to download the Content Transfer Installer.

  1. Connect to the Internet.
  2. Create a folder named "CT1.3_dl" on the C drive of your computer to store the downloaded file.
  3. Before downloading accept the terms and conditions at the end of this page.
  4. Download the following file in the folder created at Step2.
    ContentTransferInstaller-v13.exe  57.8 MB  (60,696,384 bytes)

Note: Do not make the system go into suspend, sleep, or hibernation mode during the download.


Once the download of "ContentTransferInstaller-v13.exe" is completed,  please follow the steps below to install the Content Transfer Version  1.3 on your computer

  1. Quit all software.
  2. Confirm the PC is connected to the Internet.  "ContentTransferInstaller-v13.exe" will download the files necessary for  your PC. Your personal information will not be sent to the server  during the files download.
  3. Click Start on the task tray and click Run... * Then the dialog box Run will appear.
  4. Input C:\CT1.3_dl\ContentTransferInstaller-v13.exe and click OK.
  5. The Content Transfer Version 1.3 installer window will appear on screen.
  6. Follow the on screen instruction to complete installation.
  7. Click Finish after the installation.
  8. Check whether the installation is completed successfully.

For Windows Vista®,  and Windows 7®, Click Start on the task tray and input C:\CT1.3_dl\ContentTransferInstaller-v13.exe in the search box at bottom of the start menu.

Also does your PC meet the System Requirements..:smileyconfused:

System requirements

                                        The following system environment is required in order to use Content Transfer Version 1.3 software.

  • Operating Systems (factory preinstalled only)                                                  
    • Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 2 or later)
    • Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2 or later)
    • Windows Vista® Home Basic (Service Pack 1 or later)
    • Windows Vista® Home Premium (Service Pack 1 or later)
    • Windows Vista® Ultimate Service Pack 1 or later)
    • Windows Vista® Business (Service Pack 1 or later)
    • Windows 7® Home Basic
    • Windows 7® Home Premium
    • Windows 7® Professional
    • Windows 7® Ultimate


    • IBM PC/AT or compatible computer preinstalled with the above Windows operating systems.
    • Supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7 64 bit version OS (run on WOW64).
    • Not supported by Windows XP 64 bit version OS.
    • Not supported by OSs other than above.
    • Excluding OS Versions not supported by Microsoft.
    • Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, Mac OS, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows Millennium Edition,                                                                       Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows XP 64 bit are not supported.                                                                 
  • Computer                                                  
    • IBM PC/AT or compatible.
    • CPU
      • Windows 7: Pentium III 1GHz or Higher
      • Windows Vista: Pentium III 800MHz or Higher
      • Windows XP: Pentium III 450MHz or Higher
    • RAM
      •                                                                  Windows 7: 1GB or more (32 bit version)/ 2GB or more (64 bit version)
      • Windows Vista: 512MB or more
        (Home Premium / Business / Ultimate: 1GB or more recommended)
      • Windows XP: 256MB or more
    • Software
                                                                  Windows Media Player 11 is required.                                                       
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Content Transfer software for A845 Walkman won't install.

Thanks, but no joy I'm afraid.  The firmware update isn't relevant as the A845 Walkman was released quite a while after the update came out.  I created the named folder in Program Files and put the downloaded installation exec file in it.  If I try to install from there I get the error messages I mentioned previously. Working from the Start menu and copying and pasting to make sure there are no errors results in an error message about the file not being found.

I can see why Sony put the installation program on the Walkman.  It makes packaging easier because no CD has to be included.  However, I'm now thinking the software is buggy.  I'm very pleased so far with the Walkman and can manage without the Contents Transfer Program but it is annoying.

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