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on October 2011
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Can't connect KDL-40WE5 to Lovefilm or Internet

Not sure what I'm doing wrong but I can't seem to connect my Sony KDL-40WE5 to Lovefilm.

Some background;

* I have upgraded the TV firmware to the last version available from Sony's website.
* TV is connected via ethernet and via that to my router (I think)
* The TV can see a NAS drive that is connected to the router.
* TV has an IP address.
* Looking on Sony's website, the menu for network set up looks different to the help page on their 'Internet TVs' - instead of 'Network Setup' and all the other items under that, I have just 'Network' and the menu items are different.
* Despite the firmware upgrade, the only item under video (where apparently Lovefilm should appear as a channel), there is only the NAS drive.

* I don't have a 'Activate Enhanced Features' option under my Network icon on the Xcross media bar.

Is it just that the WE5 isn't capable?

I've also got a Sony BD350 blu-ray player and when I connect that to my router (hard-wire ethernet again), it also doesn't have any the option under the Network icon.

Any ideas?

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Can't connect KDL-40WE5 to Lovefilm or Internet


Yes its Network enabled so can stream content via DLNA, but it doesn't have access to video content like iPlayer and Lovefilm. Still a very good panel, so maybe look at getting an SMP-N100 or the just released SMP-N200 netbox which will give you all of the video services in a small set-top-box...


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