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IFA 2016
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IFA 2016

Author: Sony Europe

New IFA products

IFA only happens once a year, and so we always like to make the most of the occasion by announcing lots of new products. This year there was a strong focus on audio, and you can find out more by reading below…


The supreme ‘Signature Series’


The Sony ‘Signature Series’ goes one step further than any audio product we’ve made before. Comprised of the MDR-Z1R headphones, NW-WM1Z Walkman and TA-ZH1ES headphone amplifier, it’s a formidable trio of products, intended for those who will only accept the very best sound quality.

The Z1R headphones combine unbelievable sound quality and luxurious design for something truly special. Each part and component is made to the very highest quality – from the huge, crystal 70mm driver unit to the comfortable, ergonomic earpads – and High-Resolution Audio support guarantees a stunning music experience. Plus, each and every pair is made in our home country of Japan.

Secondly, there’s the ZH1ES headphone amplifier – designed to go hand-in-hand with the Z1R headphones for an even more impressive and immersive listen. There’s a full balanced connection for the purest audio signal possible, and the newly-developed Hybrid Full Digital amplifier inside delivers a powerful, wide soundscape. The difference really needs to be heard to be believed.

Last but not least, there’s the flagship WM1Z Walkman, which has been re-imagined from the ground-up. It utilises all of Sony’s sound technologies including High-Resolution Audio for beautiful audio quality, and it maintains the stunningly simplistic design for which the Walkman range is renowned. With up to 256gb of storage there’s plenty of room for your High-Resolution Audio collection, and it has that elusive premium feel when you hold it in your hand.

Put these three products together, and you have the ultimate music listening experience.


New headphones…and lots of them


We also announced a whole range of new headphones, ranging from powerful over-the-ears with EXTRA BASS technology to secure-fitting earphones that make the ideal workout companion.

One major highlight is the MDR-1000X headphones, the latest addition to our h.ear range. With a refined design, intelligently-optimised noise cancelling, intuitive touch sensor operation and support for High-Resolution Audio, they’re perfect for frequent travellers or those who just want to sit back and enjoy their music without distractions and in great quality.

Elsewhere, there’s the MDR-XB70BT and MDR-XB80BS - perfect for those who prefer earphones over headphones but still enjoy a hefty amount of bass in their music - while the secure fit of the MDR-AS210 and MDR-AS210AP earphones make them an ideal companion for working out.

We could go on and on about every single new model that was announced, but why not simply click below and take a look for yourself? There’s something for everyone, regardless of lifestyle or the music that you’re into.


Party-starting all-in-one audio systems


Pump up the volume with two new all-in-one sound systems that are powerful and portable.

The GTK-XB5 High Power Audio system is a slightly smaller version of our existing GTK-XB7 model, but still packs an equally powerful musical punch thanks to our EXTRA BASS technology. It also comes with club-style lighting effects - perfect for any party - and can be carried around anywhere thanks to the flexible one-box design.

The MHC-V77DW is just as impressive, with similarly vivid lighting effects and a portable design, but it comes with extra features including Fiesta Mode, which optimises the sound for outside party spaces, and Wireless Party Chain, which lets you connect multiple compatible Sony speakers for truly huge sound.


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Keep the great job Sony. 


Hoping to see a PlayStation Phone, a new PlayStation Handheld, and PlayStation VR for both mobile products!!! Keep on innovating Sony.

Why can't I see anything except for the Sony logo on the live stream?!

It should now be working - Sony is fashionably late on these things
Im looking forward to the robot!

Perfect opportunity missed - could have announced the 4K Bluray player, so doubt it will be this year now. 


Two useless phones with specs sub z3 /z3c... when Sony was alive, not many years ago, at IFA they presented products such as es amplifiers and speakers (str da 5800 es, ss na2es), blu ray playes, sacd players... and we got a peek at the future, now a walkman nobody will buy, a headphone amplifier nobody cares about - and since they closed their store online it will be impossible to see in stores or buy in any case, and two phones, and the glass speaker wow... no time devoted to TVs and too much time devoted to financial situations - who cares? What a disappointment. So at this point I imagine that the 4K Bluray player will be a plastiky low end not an ES one since while Sony is sleeping Panasonic has already introduced a lower priced one. My compliments to the Sony management. Please sell or close Sony Mobile it's dragging down the entire company and it's an embarassement to the heritage of Sony.

Lets add a few photos hey!





















A photo of another brand setup (TCL) - cos it looked pretty




And this is when my camera decided to die - batteries - should have charged it up.  Missing the rest of the products.  Maybe @jumpsuit could assist

Some more pictures from IFA 2016

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