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Welcome to the Sony Online Community!

Community Team

Welcome to the Sony Online Community!

This is a place where you can get advice, discuss your experiences and share information with other customers and fans. They’ll help you get even more from your Sony products and services.  

(Please note that the opinions expressed in the community do not necessarily represent the views of Sony or its staff.)  

Read our full list of guidelines for the community here.


Track your progress in the community

As you contribute to the community, online badges will appear on your profile page. They’re awarded to members whose input helps other users – by starting discussion topics, replying to queries and solving problems. Look out for the special hidden bonus badges named after favourite products and Sony traditions!


There’s also a ranking system to give you an idea of who’s who.

Higher ranks identify members whose contribution is especially valued. If someone has gained a high rank, it means they:

- Get involved – commenting, posting and replying

- Provide helpful solutions to others

- Receive kudos for their posts

- Have been committed community members for some time.


Super Users

Our Super Users are a small group of dedicated, specially selected community members who work behind-the-scenes – and we can’t praise them enough! They volunteer their time to answer questions, help with product issues and maintain the community website. They also share insights, blog and make ‘How To’ videos, organise workshops, and feedback ideas and improvements to Sony.


We’re always on the lookout for new Super Users.

We select them from Sony’s online community, so if you’re interested in helping out, just send a PM to our community admin.

If you’re nominated, we’ll get in touch with you.  You’ll be added to the scheme if you’d make a great Super User, starting out as a ‘Specialist’.

Our Super Users are big fans of the Sony brand and offer their time as well as their technical knowledge. In return, they get access to Sony engineers, the latest product training and invitations to behind-the-scenes events. However, many of our Super Users say what they like best is building a community and the chance to help other people out.


Thanks for joining the Sony online community. We hope you enjoy being a part of it!

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