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RX0 Video Challenge - win a Sony pro video kit worth approx. €5,000
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Community Team


Header.jpgRX0 Video Challenge

Win a Sony pro video kit worth approx. €5,000

We’re calling on you to get creative! Our new video competition is a unique opportunity to show the world your film-making talents – as you put our innovative new camera, the RX0, to the test.

You could win professional 4K video kit to help you step up the quality of your video production. The top prize is worth approx. €5,000 – find out more below!



How it works


Tell us how you would push this small and durable 1’’ sensor camera to its creative limits (which include wireless triggering options).


The pitch and equipment

  1. Fill in the form (If you're from Italy please use this form, if you're from Nordic countries please use this form) and pitch us your idea for how you want to use the RX0 in a video of between 60 seconds and 5 minutes in length. 30th of April deadline to pitch - check out the videos below for inspiration.

  2. Each applicant’s request form will be assessed against the following criteria:

    • Innovation of use: The use of the camera(s) and its features.
    • Creativity: Your idea and your style.
    • Execution (if applicable): Review of your previous work and skills

    If you’re selected, we’ll loan you one or more RX0* to complete your project! *Based on your project idea and product availability, we may loan up to three RX0s to each shortlisted entrant to capture your idea.

Shooting and posting your video:

  1. Selected entrants will have from 25th of January 2018 to 12am CET 31st of May 2018 to produce their content, and post their video onto this page within the Sony Community. We’ll notify everyone on the shortlist by email, which will include the uploading instructions.

  2. Our panel of European video experts will review the selected entrants, between 1st June 2018 and 21st June 2018. Each independent judge will assess the video based on

    • Overall creativity and style.
    • The use of the camera(s) and its features.
    • Visual - emotional impact of the video.
  3. On 22 of June 2018, 12am (CET) and winners announced at 5pm (CET).

The competition is open to users in the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Poland.



The prizes

Top prize:
1st.jpgα7S II camera and 28-135mm F4 G (SELP28135G) lens

This fantastic professional video package – with 4K capability – includes a top class full-frame camera and a high-quality video lens. Worth €5,000!

Runners-up Prizes:

4 runners-up prizes of an α6300 camera and an 18-105mm F4 G (SELP18105G) lens

This great prize is worth €1200 and pairs enhanced 4K movie recording with a 6x power zoom lens.



Additional Monthly Prize:

Each monthly prize shall be 1 RX0 camera - approx. value 880.

During the Competition Period, there will be three additional monthly opportunities for entrants (excluding Italy) to win the video which has received the most views within that month, as follows:

    1. March: Most views from 1st – 31st March 2018
    2. April: Most views from 1st – 30th April 2018
    3. May: Most views from 1st – 31st May 2018

Terms & Conditions apply – please refer to this link for further information.



Discover the RX0


Our new camera gives you creative shooting freedom. It combines the cutting-edge imaging performance of a large 1.0 type sensor and a 24mm F4 Zeiss lens with a tough, miniature body that's truly versatile. Use it alone or with multi-camera systems and accessories – and bring your creative projects to life with its amazing potential!



Competition entries


Le Mouvement

KAM Production


Epic Mountain

Flo & Antho


No limit

burger show


Dreams come true

Film Wagon


Hooray For Aura



A Costa Brava Swimrun adventure 2018

Swimrun videos Team Saumon


Projekt Z.O.S.I.A.

Imagenarium Studio


Heroes of BAJA RALLY

BxB-Studio J&B



Guido Fruscoloni


A plastic fairy tale - End plastic pollution

Johannes Auer



Antonio Labuhar



Jonas Baumgärtel



michał Bojara


Thailande 201803



Behind the Beauty of Things

Ihab Mokayed


BALADE NATURE - Dans les Puys

Skope Pictures


A Dog's Day



Ice and fire

Kai Fredriksen


1000 fps boxing slow motion Superhero





Get inspired by these videos


Rebirth Puerto Rico: An RX0 Production

Sony Alpha Imaging Collective member Andy To's powerful short film about resilience and rebirth in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.


Behind The Scenes Of Rebirth Puerto Rico

Take a look behind the scenes of Andy To's short documentary about the power of personal resilience in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.


Dear Future Me: An RX0 Production

Lights Fest is an event where families gather to share dreams, wishes and goals while enjoying a special evening that culminates with a massive lantern release.


Behind The Scenes of Dear Future Me

Get a behind the scenes look at how filmmaker Drew Geraci created Dear Future Me with the Sony RX0 at Lights Fest.


Traffic Patterns: An RX0 Production

Dan Marker-Moore bends and spins reality into something mesmerizing and utterly surreal using 12 Sony RX0 cameras and the LA freeway system at night.


Behind The Scenes of Traffic Patterns

Dan Marker-Moore describes how he made the surreal, reality-bending film, Traffic Patterns, using 12 Sony RX0 cameras and some ingenuity.


PARALLAX: An RX0 Production

Parallax is looking at something from two different lines of sight and in a way, that’s exactly what Philip Edsel is doing today.


Behind The Scenes of PARALLAX

Get a behind the scenes look at the making of Philip Edsel's new short film, PARALLAX. Edsel used 10 RX0 cameras to create the visuals for the film.


Angles Of Adventure: An RX0 Production

Take a look at a late autumn journey in this film made by the Alpha Collective's Braedin Toth. The film was made with six RX0 cameras and a spirit of adventure.


Behind The Scenes Of Angles Of Adventure

Take a look at the making of Braedin Toth's Angles Of Adventure, made with the RX0.






How can I aply to participate?
Community Team

Hi Daniel,


Just fill in the application form that can be found behind the button.




Loving this challenge, and working on the full-length version, so this how far we have gotten yet. 
On the RX0 cameras, I am truly impressed: 
- They can take the punishment, and keep on shooting
- Image quality, even in poor lighting is really good - The slow-motion shots are done at 1200 iso, then cleaned up a little and upscaled to 1080. 

That they can be run of regular phone emergency charger... Norwegian winter is a battery killer, so that ended up saving the shot.

Second contest entry, and the final edit of the fire dancers, we called the video Ice and Fire. 

All performers are from Norway, mostly members of Cloudlight Fire tribe, while the music is from the Finnish Dark folk band Uinuos. 
Slow motion is filmed at 240 fps, at 640-1200 iso, while regular film is filmed at 200-500 iso. 

We have applied some post production to remove digital noise, colour correct, and other minor tweaks, but honestly. The RX0 was a superb performer, and I loved how "in danger" we could put it. (Under some scenes we did put it in a protective cage, as for instance, steel wool burns extremely hot and left the protective cage pitted and marked)


I am highly impressed for the Sony RX0 camera that was loaned to me. The slow motion simply breathtaking. I did shoot 1000 fps PAL for slow motion (Outputted to 50 fps makes a ultra smooth 20 times slow motion.) and normal speed footage was naturally at 50 fps. It made my dream come true so thank you Sony! Certain motions of punch are simply too fast for the naked eye to analyze.


Since RX0 is so compact, it is very easy to track subjects rapidly moving in the frame. For example when punching the dummy and especially with closeup you need really to be able to move the camera and for that it is just perfectly suited.


Here is my video where I display the impulse-momentum theorem. That is impulse is force*time (force = mass*acceleration) which results change of momentum (momentum is mass*velocity) by punching 120 kg dummy. In boxing terms the strikes are heavy handed that is ability to cause displacement. They will not break object like a extremely high force strike (sharpness of the blow) would like breaking a board which goes over its material tolerance threshold instead it will move the object. In boxing jargon, it is the ability to cause knockout by moving the head. By using the dummy simulator the neck and head movement especially is captured in its frame by frame shock wave travelling through the target causing twists and turns and great motions.


Please enjoy watching and thank you!

Hi everyone!

This is my contribution, I hope you like it.

Here's our entry! London at night, through the eyes of a photographer; and an RX0.

Thank you for this challenge! The RX0 is a lot of fun to work with!
Check out some underwater slow-mo



Shred Elements is always searching for new adventures and moments that last for a long time.
Combining different sports is one of the best things in life for us.
In this video we show the beauty and awesomeness of our mountains which offer us the perfect playground for our activities.
This video was shot with the Sony RX0 which handles these situations with ease.

The Mountain is Calling | Sony RX0 Video Challenge

Here is my video from the Faroe Islands:

Great content here so far! It was a challenge to film with the RX0 when you are used to bigger Sony cameras but the camera has its benefits for certain applications and with a little extra help and a lot off tape I was able to mount it on my drone for aerials as well.


this is my video with sony rx0