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iPlayer not working


iPlayer not working

Over the last few days I have been having problems with the iPlayer, I can load the front page of the menu but programs won't load and if I try to load the menus for individual days I get nothing.

I have reset my router, turned everything on and off etc. Lovefilm and 5OD etc are all working fine.

Can anyone help?

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Re: iPlayer not working

Hi, I would first advise you check your speed using the BBC iPlayer Diagnostic tool here; it may help understand why it is not loading, I would also recommend a Tracert BBC.CO.UK test, as follows

How to Use the Traceroute Command

Traceroute is a command which can show you the path a packet of information takes from your computer to one you specify. It will list all the routers it passes through until it reaches its destination, or fails to and is discarded. In addition to this, it will tell you how long each 'hop' from router to router takes.

In Windows, select Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. This will give you a window.

Enter the word tracert, followed by a space,, press enter, you will then see a list of results

Re: iPlayer not working

I have the same problem with my new DVD player. Worked a treat last week, now after the latest updates it never opens. The icon is still there, but after selecting it the message 'iplayer loading' comes up, the revolving cursor spins a bit and nothing happens. Even after 15 minutes or so. Lovefilm and other services work fine - it works fine on my laptop too (although a bit jumpy last night). Diagnostic from BBC checks out fine.

For a lark I went into the DVD's web browser and tried to bring up iplayer through google and it said something like 'service not allowed' - any idea what's going on?

Re: iPlayer not working

Hi guys,

IN answer to this and to my original question on another thread about IPlayer stopping working, I've managed to fix it.

Do a full factory reset, all settings, and then also do an 'Initialise personal information'.  It then asks 'Are you sure' and talks about it deleting all kinds of things, including 'last played, connection information etc'.  I suspect that some setting Iplayer doesn't like is stuck in a cache somewhere which is cleared on the initialisation of personal info.

The player then restarts.  I ran through Easy setup for convenience then checked the menu.  All apps for Music/Photo/Video had disappeared.  Which is good, that's what I wanted.  I updated internet information so I assume that apps were actually re-installed, not just added to.

All working fine now!  Hoping it fixes the Lovefilm streaming buffering issues I've been getting recently too.

Rather conveniently Lovefilm has remembered my player so I don't need to relink it either. 

Re: iPlayer not working

I looked at some of the forums concerning this and contacted the BBC, regarding the matter. They took the time to cut and paste this reply to me. Can anyone suggest what the problem is and how it can be fixed?



Reference CAS-2351568-F145JF


Thank you for contacting BBC iPlayer Support.


I am sorry to read that you were recently unable to access BBC iPlayer via your Sony Blu-ray player.


I would recommend that you check whether the device is certified (fully tested) to work with BBC iPlayer:


If your device is certified, you should ensure that it is fully up to date with the latest firmware installed and that you're able to access other video services on the television.


I suggest you also log the problem with Sony support to rule out a fault at their end.


Once again, thanks for taking the time to contact us.


Kind Regards


Andrew Gilfillan

BBC Audience Services

Re: iPlayer not working

Hi there


I think more information is required from you in regards to this.  Are you having problems with BBC's iPlayer?  What device do you have (and model)?  Do other networked App's work?  What error message are you getting?  And any other relevant information might be of help?